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Auspicks Media provides excellent services that go way beyond maintaining social presence and posting messages on social media platforms. We help make sure that your presence on social media is strategic and well executed to help achieve your business goals excellently.

Firstly, social media companies are responsible for helping corporate organizations and even individuals manage all their social media activities and give them value for their money. At Auspicks Media, we provide the following services:


Social Media Management Services

At Auspicks Media, we offer basic social media profile management, social media accounts set up, (in the right way and on the social media platforms that suit your business type and help to achieve your company’s sales or marketing goals), contents creation and distribution, creation of social management strategies, maintaining social media presence on behalf of a company or an individual, studying analytics, and so forth.

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Social Media Advertising

This, also known as social media targeting, is a form of online advertising that focuses on social networking services where we take advantage of the users’ demographic information and target our ads appropriately for the benefit of your business or services.


Social Media Consulting Services

Here, we do social media auditing, analysis of business problems and provision of solutions to improve social media marketing.


Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing will definitely not be sufficient for many businesses as the competition is immense, hence, there will be the need to invest in ads, (advertisement), to widen your reach to your potential customers and that’s where we come in to render our services.

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Training and Workshops/Seminars

We also offer training to interested clients on how to manage social media accounts professionally, run ads and social media marketing effectively and efficiently.

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The benefits of our services are endless, but they include the following items:

  • Brand awareness that converts to leads generation and creates business engagements.
  • Your marketing goals are achieved with the use of social media, which costs you less.
  • Reach to your potential customers to follow brand on social media as well as creation of positive reactions in your potential customers.
  • Higher conversion rates that you get on existing traffic by building an audience in social media channels.
  • More exposure, more engagements equal more engagements, more leads and sales.
  • Creation of the best social media campaign strategies that suit your business.
  • Every client gets to receive a custom plan that suits their marketing goals.
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We would like to know if your organization is interested in having the mentioned services rendered, and we would appreciate it if we can be given the opportunity to serve you profitably. It would be our pleasure to have an open room for further discussions, inquiries, agreement & negotiation and action plan.

Auspicks Media would be glad to take up the responsibility of serving you and expanding your reach excellently while you focus on what you know how to do best, grow your business.

Auspicks Media helps companies:

  • Increase social presence and brand exposure.
  • Develop audience.
  • Maintain positive customer engagement that drives sales.
  • Converts potential customers to loyal customers.

If you are interested in hiring social media experts for your company, consider Auspicks Media. Our social marketing experts, great campaign strategies and effective & productive marketing strategies can take your business to a whole new level of excellence and greater success that you have always wanted or never imagined. Why not take the first step toward achieving that by filling the form below.

Call us today on +234(0)9068610099 or send us an e-mail on auspicksmedia@gmail.com to find out how Auspicks Media can help you expand your reach and grow your business with maximum productivity.

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