Twitter is a great social media platform for expanding your reach to your desired set of audience, and there are a lot of ways to achieve that. Buying followers is easy, and that may not be good for business, because those followers may not be interested in you and what you have to offer, plus, they may also be inactive accounts.

Therefore, every business person who wants success in the longer run would be concerned with building a list of followers that would aid in generating lead and increasing conversions. Building a list of followers unethically will definitely not get you to your desired destination, so, you want to have great and genuine followers who have a common interest in what you are offering.

So, get ready to dive into this as we will be looking into some of the ways you can organically build your list of Twitter followers, the ethical ways, as you promote your business boundlessly.

Here are 7 ways to organically grow your Twitter audience…


Be Active

Being active is one of the ways to organically grow your Twitter audience. Nobody wants to follow someone who is completely inactive, who doesn’t tweet, retweet or join any conversation on social media; or would you follow someone who hasn’t been active on Twitter in the last three month?

If no, then increase the frequency of your tweets so that your audience and readers can notice you and see that you are always active. If you are a person who is always busy, you can schedule your tweets with some social media scheduling web applications or tools for your readers to know you are around.

Tweet Informative Content

Rich and informative contents are highly paramount to building a list of genuine Twitter followers organically. It is not enough to be active always on a social media platform like Twitter; you can also take advantage of powerful and informative contents. The power of rich and valuable contents cannot be over-emphasized.

Let me ask these few questions: would you keep following a person who keeps tweeting wrong, boring and senseless stuffs every time? How do you see your tweets?

For your list of followers to grow rapidly on Twitter, your tweets/information must be rich and highly informative, entertaining; offering some kind of solutions to common problems and meeting the needs of your followers. That way, they come for more; they also get excited and tell their friends about it.

Take time to check out your competitors and see what kind of contents work for them on Twitter. The use of text alone doesn’t work much these days, use videos and pictures that helps to pass the message to get the attention of your audience.


Follow Back

People always like to follow those who would follow them back. This is a great way to grow your Twitter followers organically. Get into the habit of following at least one new follower every day or maybe every week. Following back has a way of suggesting that you care about them, they are valuable and you are not selfish.

Personally, I have discovered that some people on Twitter have the habit of checking up those who they followed recently to see if they have followed back, so they unfollow those who haven’t followed back.

You can send a direct message to your new followers on Twitter, thanking them for following you and then follow them back, believe me, it works! The more you reach out the more people will return and reciprocate, by following or making comments. Try and put this principle into use across all your social networks.


Fill Up Your Profile

Make your Twitter profile as attractive as possible to every visitor by filling up as much information as possible; make sure your profile is up-to-date. Your profile says a lot about you and what you do when you are not there, so to gain more followers, your profile needs personality.

Fill up every area, the bio section (use relevant keywords to your business), profile picture or a business logo, header photo, web address, location and so forth.

Take Advantage of Hash-tags

Hash-tags can help you reach a larger set of audience. Using two or three hash-tags relevant to your business or brand, especially trending tags can help you build your list of followers organically and it can help you reach a larger number of audiences. However, if hash-tags are too many in a tweet/post, your tweet/post becomes very spammy and that may irritate your prospective followers.

Hash-tags can also be created for special events and new campaigns.


Install Twitter Widgets, Share and Follow Buttons

By installing Twitter widgets, share and follow buttons in strategic places on your blog or website, you can get more followers. The more your blog or website contents are shared by other people on Twitter with your Twitter handle included in their tweets, the more your chances of attracting potential followers.

To get more followers organically you can even go as far as embedding your tweets in your blog posts, including Twitter profile in email signature, sharing it through your business cards and letting people know you are on Twitter. Remember, the farther your reach, the more your chances of attracting prospective followers.


Join the Conversational

By making constant efforts to add value to chats/conversations related to your business on Twitter, you get the attention of prospective followers. This is another great way to build your Twitter follower list. Participating in Twitter chats increases your visibility, gives you an opportunity to share what you know and you attract prospective followers in the process.

So, go on and spark up a conversation, answer people’s questions with the right answers and ask questions as well.



In conclusion, you must understand that building a Twitter followers list takes time and effort and therefore, requires lot patience.

However, (this is my own discovery), the master key to building the list of Twitter followers is a combo of these three important elements, viz: rich & informative contents, consistent social engagement and the rule of reciprocation. Once these three are consistently put into practice, your number of followers would certainly increase.

Have fun growing your Twitter audience with these seven points. In case you have more to share, please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below.

Are you on Twitter? Do you have a large number of followers? How did you make it happen? Please share your tips and thoughts below.

I’d love to have some kind of feedback from you.



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